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Due to Covid-19 rules it is impossible to maintain the distance of 1,5 meter in the museum.
Therefor we desided to close it.


The Accordion and Harmonica Museum

In the only Accordion and Harmonica Museum in the Netherlands you will find a unique collection of accordions, harmonicas, concertinas, bandoneons, harmonicas and some reedorgans. Among the reed organs are some mechanical instruments working with rolls.

In this small but enjoyable museum we like to give you an overview of the birth and evolution of the accordion-family and their ancestors..

One of our highlights is ‘’De Grote Fiers’’, the largest accordion in the world! This accordion is over 1.90 meters high and was built in 1928 in Italy by Scandalli.

In 1998 the collection mouthorgans was expanded with the acquisition of the Art Daane collection. He was an enthusiast player and through his contacts all over the world he received the instruments of many famous players. As a result we established the Hall of Fame with many special exhibits including the instruments of the Hotcha Trio, Larry Adler, Jean 'Toots' Thielemans and even Ronald Reagan, the formal president of the USA. The remainder of the mouth organ exhibition displays various models from 1840 until the present day.

Ofcourse you will find some instruments of Dutch builders, such as Bernard Vos, Cees Eekels and Frans van der Aa.

We also offer the opportunity to try an accordion, harmonica or mouthorgan yourself!

Whether you play accordion or not, this museum is well worth a visit!

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